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Evangelical Edge

Rationale Behind Evangelical Edge

The term, ‘Edge’, offers great opportunities for the Evangelical Church.​

“Edges … are the places where the inside and the outside meet. As such, they tend to be where the action is. In nature, in civilization, and, indeed, in business, the peripheries teem with the most fascinating interactions. Where things meet, opportunities abound.”​

In their 2016 book, Edge Strategy: A New Mindset for Profitable Growth, Lewis and McKone observed that greater diversity and opportunity occurs at the ‘edge’ where diverse communities of plants and animals intersect. They observed that many varied opportunities for creative growth are available for organizations at the ‘edge’.​

A major aspect of this blog site, currently, is the Edge where ministry practices and human sciences intersect. A wide variety of significant, impacting perspectives are made available for Christian ministry. To avoid syncretism, the philosophical roots of an insight of a human science discipline is excised; its technical aspect is grafted onto Biblical truth; and the insight is applied to Christian ministry. This process is termed ‘technical eclecticism’. ​

The Edge also includes where opposites exist side-by-side in harmonious relationship. Evangelical Edge relates the insights to Christian ministry.


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