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1 Samuel

1 Samuel in an Intentional Interim Ministry

The value of 1 Sam in an IIM is considerable.

It is gripping material to preach. The stories keep your congregation on the edge of their seats, which certainly helps at a time when much can distract them.

The first time I preached on 1 Samuel, I believed that God had a special message for his people. Its theme was that the time of the Judges was a theocracy for God’s people. 1 Samuel builds up to where a king was crowned and a monarchy began. However, I couldn’t get how to link its central theme with the NT’s central theme. 

In a train crossing Australia, the answer came in serendipitous moment. Saul was rejected because he failed to recognize that God remained in charge. The theocracy had never ceased. 

That was an easy link with the NT’s emphasis on the sovereignty of God over his people within the Church. The sermons came alive.

When I used this series in IIMs, it was because, when Samuel was born and grew, Israel was enduring its worst time spiritually in its history up to the captivity in Babylon – and was suffering for this bad behavior. By the time Samuel died, Israel was poised to enter its highest spiritual peak in its history. One man led the radical change. Individuals can bring transformational change to God’s people when they commit solely to him. 

The sermons that I used in 1 Samuel brought about the desired change through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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