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Sermons for Church Renewal

renewing the spirit

What are some of the options for preaching in a church that has had a division and now seeks to return to health and strength?

I Samuel tells the exciting story of how Samuel was born in Israel at one of the lowest periods in the nation’s history. How did he, under God, lead “God’s people” to one of the highest peaks in their history?

Nehemiah began his service for God when Israel was recovering from utter devastation in every aspect of its life. Nehemiah turned the nation around. The stories are gripping. The parallels to today’s IIMs are many.

“After the war came the battle” was a recollection by the National Archives of Australia of the end of World War II and the return home of the soldiers. As I read the story of “shell-shock”, as it was called, today it is termed PTSD, my mind flashed to my current IIM church. The battle within the church had been so intense that the symptoms of PTSD were evident. This sermon enabled me to lead and guide in overcoming the problem.Other sermons provided are self-evident for their value in IIMs

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