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Contemporary Ministry

greater diversity and opportunity occurs at the edge

When describing the meaning of “edge” as found in the website name, I noted: “greater diversity and opportunity occurs at the ‘edge’ where divese communities of plants and animals intersect. It made sense that contemporary Christian ministry can similarly spring to life.r diversity and opportunity occurs at the ‘edge’ where diverse communities of plants and an

The process I’m commending began soon after I left Seminary, I was pastoring a rural church when I read a Christian book on rural sociology. It commended focusing on neighborhood groups spaced equally between the center of four towns. A new church began with 100% attendance. I discovered that pastors can learn much from the human sciences that can develop both churches and Christians.

Today, new communities require new strategies. I have found the following sources invaluable for Contemporary Christian ministries, without compromising our Biblical convictions. I’ve prepared the material for ready use in your ministries. It’s free.

Key sources include: Harvard Business Review & its blogsite, Harvard’s books, Wharton @ KnowledgeMIT Sloan Management Review, Rotman Management, and McKinsay Quarterly. My Th.D. is from The Australian College of Theology; my D.Min. is from Denver Seminary. I live in Brisbane, Australia.

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