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Intentional Interim Ministries

fragmentation turned into teamwork

From my time as an Intentional Interim Ministry, I learned specialized skills that are invaluable in troubled churches.

IIMs are generally churches which have survived a church split. This is the focus of these presentations.

Fragmentation is turned into teamwork

Harvard Business School has developed an approach that I adapt to fit an IIM church.

Some pastors who have succeeded in turnaround their IIM church provide their insights. This includes: “Leading Turnaround Churches; Mainline Turnaround; Renewing smaller Congregations through the ABIDE system; Renovation of the church; The U-turn Church”

My article published by Australian Baptists is summarized: IIMs: A New Era needs a New Approach.

Their strategies are examined and evaluated individually.

A church life cycle places IIMs at the end of its life cycle graph.

Preaching in an IIM

Excellent preaching is crucial for a successful IIM. Read more ...

A New Approach to IIMs

Every position of the organization’s life required a distinctive leadership style. Read more …

Sermons for Church Renewal

What are some of the options for preaching in a church that has had a division and now seeks to return to health and strength? Read more …

Secular Turnarounds

Once I could translate secular changes’ parallels to Christian IIMs, I was ready to read the work of Secular Renewals. Read more …

Using 1 Samuel in an IIM

The value of 1 Sam in an IIM is considerable. Read more …

Using Nehemiah in an IIM

Nehemiah took God’s people to a rebuilding program that went far beyond bricks and mortar. It was a spiritual renewal. Read more …