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new communities require new strategies

Ministry Strategy for Development

Ministry strategy covers a wide variety of issues.

How can ministry strategy maximize its success  orientation depending where is placed on the life cycle of an organization?

How can small churches survive and thrive?

How can church health be vitalized and enriched?

How can church culture and climate be developed to achieve a warm and supporting church?

How can you develop a philosophy of ministry that covers all of the bases of church life successfully?

How can churches become involved in the community network? 

How can teamwork be enhanced in a church? How can churches begin to assimilate new attenders into the church from their first visit?

Contemporary Ministries

When describing the meaning of “edge” as found in the website name, I noted: “greater diversity and opportunity occurs at the ‘edge’ Read more…

Timeless Insights

While the Edge focus highlights contemporary ministry, there are other aspects of ministry that are timeless. Read more …

Invaluable Ministry Tools

The purpose of the Book Reviews is to inform you of very helpful books and articles for Christian ministry. Read more …


This is a VUCA world. It has volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Read more …

The Church

Contemporary ministry at the cutting edge requires skills in change, innovation, and creativity. Read more…


Communication skills for Church growth. Read more…