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Multicultural Ministry

fresh ways of communicating

In many ways, multicultural ministry is part of the edge focus. When I went to India as one of the teachers at a large Baptist Convention, a friend who had spent many years as a missionary, gave me wise advice: “India culture is closer to Biblical culture than it is to the West. Therefore, when you teach, use Biblical illustrations rather than Western ones. 

I praise God for that missionary. It was as he said. It made me think, multicultural ministry takes us out of the sameness of Western thinking. It can provide fresh ways of communicating Biblical truths. 

It is a prayer of mine that pastors and leaders in non-Western cultures send me a submission of how their culture provides insight into different aspects of the Bible. Note the variety of cultures used in this Website. Increase it with your contribution. No finance will pass hands in the transaction. This Website is free and doesn’t have the finance to pay for contributions.

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