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contemporary ministry at the cutting edge

Change & Innovation

Contemporary ministry at the cutting edge requires skills in change, innovation, and creativity. These skills are gained by knowing where to find scientific research in each of these issues; how to adapt the findings of that research so that it fits contemporary culture; how to gain maximin positive results in the church – with a minimum of collateral damage. The edge model thrives on this approach.

The titles indicate the significance of the material that is available to move churches into our contemporary culture: “Change your church short version”; Enabling change averse churches to change;” “The entrepreneurial cycle”; “The multidimensional view of resistance to change”; “Options for the change process”; “Stop the innovation wars”; “The innovation catalyst approach of Roger Martin”. 

The Change Your Church Seminar provides PowerPoint visuals for presentation and Word doc for accompanying explanation. It includes “Create your opportunities” and “Save our Church.”

Free CHANGE Resources

Free INNOVATION Resources