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this is a VUCA world

The War College’s goal is to develop generals for the US military so they possess the sharpest brains and most up-to-date knowledge. Their lecturers are the best that money can buy. The leading conducted major research as to where the world is now and how to lead within that milieu. 

Their conclusion was that VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) were now dominating the world. Leading strategists in training of leadership and management have developed this concept with astute theoretical thinking and discerning practical application. 

I am 80% through the process of coordinating a wide range of their thinking and application into three books. Prof Gabriel Ogunmokun, President of the Academy of World Business, Marketing, and management, has seen and commended my work. will summarize my conclusions, also providing PowerPoints to facilitate your communication of the principles and practices involved.

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